Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Brain on games pt 1

Hello and welcome to my brain on games.

As a game designer, particularly a board and card game designer, I need to define what can make games I design marketable. I want my games to be in the hands of people all across the world. So what will make people buy games? That's what I hope to discover by doing this.

I have made a number of games. The games are in various conditions from published to ideas scribbled on a bar napkin. I am very proud that I have two games in publication currently. I also have a game that is hanging out with a great graphic designer, Bran McMillin who owns Burnt Toast Publishing. You can visit him at

I have a number of other ideas I'm working on as well. I am planning to open discussions with a couple of game publishers including Z-Man Games and Game Wright games. I hope things go well on that end.

In addition, I also plan to start a psychological study where I assess how my cognitive function does when I play a game everyday. I plan to do this with a game that is currently in production and may be available in the near future, keeping my fingers crossed!!