Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Rules for NaGaDeMon Game: Cthulhu a Go-Go

Thank @krinklechip for encouraging me to post the rules. Keep in mind this is a raw version of the rules and the game. Its an area control game with a known traitor. Each of the character cards generate an effect for the other players or against the Cultist player. In the scoring rounds, the player with the highest single total of Influence cubes in that space will generate a result. I will try to keep those interested updated via twitter.

Cthulhu a Go-Go

2-5 players



9 Pawns

lots of cubes

7 Character roles

40 Cultist cards

Set up:

Shuffle the cultist cards to form a face down draw deck for the Cultist. Place the 7 Character cards near the board face up. Each player chooses a color and takes all of the cubes and pawns of the associated color to form a supply near them. If there are more than 2 players, 1 player can choose to be the Cultist. Otherwise play with full cooperative rules.

Choose a player to go first. That player will place their pawn in any unoccupied space on the map, this will proceed to the left until each player has placed 1 pawn. The last player will place their second pawn in the same manner and continuing placement will proceed to the right with the initial first player placing their second pawn last. Once this is completed, the Cultist player will place his or her pawn on any unoccupied space. Note: In the cooperative game the Cultist pawn will be placed in Central Park. Each player will place 1 Influence cube in each space their pawns are in.


The game will last for 10 full rounds. Each round will begin with the Cultist player removing 2 Character cards that had not been removed on the previous round. Note: In the cooperative game, you will remove 2 Character cards at random from those that had been available for use last round.

Round order:

The first player will always act first over the 10 rounds. The Cultist player will always act last. Note: In the cooperative game the top card from the Cultist deck will be turned over and the effects will be produced following the last player's turn.

Turn order for players:

  1. Select any 1 of the available 5 characters.

  2. Move 1 of your pawns 1 adjacent space.

  3. Move your other pawn 2 adjacent spaces.

  4. Place 1 cube in each space where your pawns are.

  5. Generate the effect of your character if possible.

Turn order for Cultist:

(Note: In the Cooperative game, players should agree how the Cultist pawn will move)

  1. Draw the top card from the Cultist deck.

  2. Move the Cultist pawn 1 space for each other player in the game, up to 4 spaces.

  3. Place 1 cube in each of the spaces the Cultist pawn moves through.

  4. Play 1 Cultist card to the table and generate its effects.

Scoring Rounds:

On rounds 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 after the Cultist card has taken effect, a scoring round will commence. Beginning with space 1 and working to space 13 in numerical order, determine whether the Cultist or one of the players has the majority in each space.

If the Cultist has the majority, remove 1 cube belonging to each player that has a cube in the space.

If a player has the majority, remove 1 card from the top of the Cultist deck.

Game end:

The game will end at the completion of the 10th round including the final scoring phase.


The Cultist deck runs out of cards.

Winning the game:

The players win if they have exhausted the Cultist deck.

The Cultist wins if there are still cards left in the Cultist deck following the 10th round scoring.