Monday, December 19, 2011

Cowboys, Dice, Dynamite!

I sat and played another playtest game of Streets of Laredo (previously Cowboy Dice). I ended up playing all three of the hands by myself. The Dynamite is a new wrinkle added in to slow down the Gold Mine which was proving to be way too powerful. With Dynamite (and Wanted!) the players have a chance to wipe out pesky buildings (and characters) with a two turn lag. The players can add further Dynamite and extend the lag (ditto for Wanted!). This time around the Gold Mine went up with a cloud of smoke burying its points, wah-wah!

Two players ended up with 8 cards each in their tableau, the first player to hit 8 cards in the tableau triggered the end game and the other player managed to play an 8th card. The problem I'm now having with the game is that the Sheriff is very rarely (if ever) used. This is disappointing. However, he's a good point grab. Maybe he'll get a different ability, draw a card for each Red card (Character) in the tableau and keep one. Who knows, but he's useless as written.

The Bonus! cards are also proving to be exactly what they should be. They drive card buying and encourage players to be thoughtful about what they put in their tableau instead of the original race to the most cards in your tableau. The Gunfights continue to work well and really make the game shine. There is nothing more satisfying than grabbing a card you need for that Bonus! and in the same move taking it from the opponent who is also looking for the Bonus! points.

In this play test, the player who had all three of his cards for the Bonus! ended up with the 1 point win. Exactly what was supposed to happen with them.

Very very happy for the most part with how this card game is progressing. Still think the Sheriff is useless. He needs a new ability.