Sunday, February 5, 2012

Deck Building Game - going back to the project

The wonderful folks who follow me on twitter will know that I was working very very diligently on a Deck Building Game (hence forth DBG, because I'm lazy). Then I stopped working on it. Other projects got ahead of it and I needed some time to think about how to press on with a game that has no text, that's right NO TEXT. Everything is icon based. I had a bit of a time trying to figure out how to come up with icons that made sense. I feel like it's progressing in the right direction, but my immediate concern is that there are too many cards available at any given time. Nothing like giving AP players too much to think about. I'll give it some more thought this weekend and into next week, but ultimately this is going to go on the back burner again while I offer some more games to publishers and continue working on the Pineapple game with Chris Urinko (@battlejack) and keep playtesting.

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